DATREX Emergency Ration 2400Kcal each

DATREX Emergency Ration 2400Kcal each
Brand: Datrex
Product Code: DRA01016
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Serving Size:
1 Bar (38gm)  200Kcal
2400 kcal Pack: 12 Bars

Nutrition Information per Serving:

Calories(838 kj)                   200 cal
Protein (7%)                            3 gm
Carbohydrate (55%)             21 gm               
Sodium                               0.75 mg
Total Fat (26%)                     10 gm                      
    Sat F/A (21%)                     2 gm
    Mono-Unsat F/A (65%)       7 gm
    Poly-Unsat F/A (14%)         1 gm
Cholesterol                       0.378 mg

Percentage  US RDA for Adults

Protein                    7%
Vitamin A                1%
Vitamin C                1%
Thiamin                   8%
Riboflavin                5%
Niacin                     4%


Wheat Flour
Vegetable Shortening
Cane Sugar


Meal Replacement value
Ready to Eat
Not Thirst Provoking
All Natural Ingredients
No Preservatives
Good Tasting for Adults & Children
Well Textured not hard or greasy
5 Year Shelf Life Vacuum Sealed Trilaminate Foil