Aviation Life Vests

Flights over water require aviation approved rafts, life vests, and exposure protection.  Select from a variety of manufacturers and styles to suit your operational requirements.  Rentals for special operations and ferrying are available - call us for details.

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Aviator Life Vest Constant Wear
Thin. Light. Simple. The Aviator Constant-wear Life Vest is the ideal vest for passengers and..
Bravo Constant Wear
* EAM Bravo Aviation approved life vest * Continuous wear, yoke style life vest is ideal for helico..
EAM Twin Cell Aviation Vest
The XF-35 is the world's lightest weight twin-cell vest in the aviation market today, only 1.13 lbs...
Switlik X-Back Air Crew Vest
The most comfortable Crew Vest The new Switlik X-Back Air Crew Vest is great upgrade in comfort a..